Audiometry Room

Audiometry Room

Design Aspects :-

1. The intent of the ambient noise level requirements in the standard is to assure that the hearing test is conducted in an environment that will assure valid and accurate test results. This implies that the test environment must be in compliance with the stated background levels every time an audiometric test is performed.

2. The room constructed shall be frequency balanced having various frequency panels for quality speech and high acoustical integrity.

3. Project shall be eco-friendly and non hazardous.

Salient Features :-

1. Accurate design with 10 years of acoustical integrity.

2. Dimensionally stable and long lasting acoustical treatment.

3. All three types i.e. Fabric based, Gypsum based and / or PHB panel based acoustical treatments can be installed.

4. Conforming to International Standards like OSHA, ANSI for audiological evaluation.

Main Components :-

1. Wall Treatment – Consisting high and low frequency absorbers, bass traps, etc.

2. Ceiling Treatment – Mode cancelling and providing high ceiling transmission class.

3. Door – Single / double sealed multilayered door with high sound transmission loss with good quality hardware, etc.

4. Window – Double pane, excellent visibility, Chemical anti-moister treatment, Good sound insulation.

5. Floor – Carpeted or false floor.

6. Electrical and instrument wiring without magnetic interference and quality Jack Panel to accept any type of audiometer or external electronic instruments.

Audiometry Room

Audiometry Room

PHB Based 2

Double Door

Sound Door

Non Clastrofobic

Sound Door

Non Clastrofobic